Tartu Children’s Shelter

Tartu Children’s Shelter (from here on TCS) is a crisis institution, which offers temporary aid, support and protection to all children who have experienced domestic or any other form of violence or negligence and children who simply don’t have a safe place to spend the night. TCS also offers the same services to single parents and families with children who are experiencing difficulties in their daily lives.

TCS also helps children and families with children in need of material aid. For example lack of food, clothes or other necessities of life. TCS can help within its capabilities.

If you or your friend are experiencing difficulties, come to us for help. We can help you find solutions to your problems!

Staying in Tartu Children’s Shelter is free for all !

The fee for all TCS clients whose official residence is not Tartu will be paid by the county or city of their official place of residency.


Financial support can be sent to the following bank account:

Name of receiver: Tartu Linnavalitsus, account number: EE401010102030203008, reference number: 33109185000000

Monetary donations will mainly be used to improve the playground and yard here in TCS.

Other types of donations:

  • Food products with a long expiration date (sugar, honey, spices, canned food, grains etc).
  • Clean clothes, footwear, sheets, pillows, blankets, etc.
  • We are also very happy to receive children’s books, toys, sporting gear, tableware, home appliances and furniture.

NB! Not all gathered donations go to TCS. There is a giveaway held four times per year in TCS for citizens of Tartu who are also in need.

Families who leave TCS to start their independent life will also receive some material help.

Thank you!



Tiigi 55, Tartu, 50410
Tel: +372 736 1641
E-mail: turvakodu@tartu.ee
Registration code: 75006701

Piret Värno
Tel: +372 736 1640
Mob: +372 5343 6827
E-mail: piret.varno@tartu.ee

Klaarika Siliksaar
Social Pedagogue
Tel: +372 736 1642
Mob: +372 5323 2285
E-mail: klaarika Siliksaar@tartu.ee